Classical Guitar Magazine: Lauro

Classical Guitar Magazine: Lauro

So here is another article I have written for Classical Guitar Magazine, on La Negra by Antonio Lauro, it features the hugely talented, and inspirational, Antigoni Goni on the front cover. Along with a whole host of cool articles and inspiring lessons, as per usual.

Due to the wonders of the modern age you get all of that free online with HD video….check out all the goodies below.

For the full lesson and free downloads off CG Magazine site – article here.

Here is the video with the micro studies in it, along with all the polymeters and hemiolas you will need to understand the wonderful Venezuelan vals rhythms in this study. La Negra is a wonderful lyrical piece with a beautiful melody. I have used my wondrous, and oh so loud, Michael Gee guitar in one of these videos again.

Click the link here to get hold of him – well worth the effort, amazing guitars.

Lauro Micro Studies

 Want More?

The last year for Classical Guitar Magazine I did a series of articles that clarified and delved into the heart and soul of Latin rhythms. So if you follow from Dyens’ Tango article you can see how the basic cells are utilized in various parts of South America. Click on the links below to get to the other articles overview.

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