Lachrimae Pavan – Cheat Sheet & Back Track

This backing track and cheat sheet will help you learn to play Lachrymae Pavan quickly and easily. The backing track will give you a steady beat to practice to, and the cheat sheet will show you the basic melody and harmony.

Full Lachrymae Pavan Performance

Learn to play John Dowland’s Lachrymae Pavan with this free backing track and cheat sheet!

Lacrymae Pavan is a beautiful and moving piece of music that was first published in 1604. It is often interpreted as a reflection of the sadness and uncertainty that many people were feeling at the time, but it can also be seen as a celebration of the human capacity for resilience and hope.

To use the backing track and cheat sheet, simply start by listening to the backing track and trying to pick out the melody by ear. Once you have the melody down, you can start to learn the harmony. The harmony is a bit more complex, but it’s not too difficult to learn.

With a little practice, you’ll be able to play Lachrymae Pavan like a pro!

Check out the first lesson that accompanies this sheet below.

Here are some of the benefits of using this backing track and cheat sheet:

  • Learn the basic melody and harmony quickly and easily
  • Practice to a steady beat
  • See the notes of the melody and harmony at a glance
  • Get feedback on your playing
  • Learn at your own pace

This backing track and cheat sheet is perfect for:

  • Beginners who want to learn to play Lachrymae Pavan
  • Intermediate players who want to improve their skills
  • Advanced players who want to learn a new piece of music

Get your copy of the backing track and cheat sheet today and start learning Lachrymae Pavan!