New Sheet Music – Agustin Barrios Las Abejas

New Sheet Music – Agustin Barrios Las Abejas

This post is to highlight a new FreshAir sheet music edition of Las Abejas by Agustin Barrios from Rhayn Jooste. It is available here at the shop or on Amazon for all digital e-readers.

Las Abejas by Barrios

This new edition features Barrios’ first ideas on this piece from when he wrote it down in 1922 in Cerro de las Cuentas Paraguay when he was staying with his friend and patron Martin Borda y Pagola. So the story goes, Martin was tired of asking Barrios for his music, and locked him in his room one morning with orders to write out some of his compositions. Thus we have ‘The Bees’, Barrios proving to his friend he is industrious and hard working like a bee. Fact or fiction, it does not really matter, this is a great piece and an awesome arpeggio workout; with a romantic back story which suits the composer and his piece.


Las Abejas by Agustin Barrios
Las Abejas by Agustin Barrios

Fresh Edition

This edition has a modern typesetting of the autograph score with Barrios’ fingerings and the two different endings, one of which has stood the test of time-with a few notes missing. Alongside of which is present a modern edition, with editorial fingerings, and those lost notes above being placed back in-the really give the end to this piece a sting.

All in all a worthy addition to any guitarists’ shelf as they correct any anomalies that have crept in to current editions, and even one or two wrong notes that are to be found in the standard 2003 edition by Rico Stover.


Get the Dots

There are two ways you can get hold of this new sheet music, first (as below) through Amazon world wide straight to your digital device.

Get it on



click the link below for a PDF copy of the music with TAB

or just the plain old fashioned dots (no TAB)


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