The Bees CAGED

The Bees CAGED

This post highlights my new, and first book, called: The Bees CAGED. It details what it is all about and how the CAGED system can be utilized by classical guitarists to get a better idea on a piece, in this case it is Agustin Barrios’ The Bees (Las Abejas).

The Bees CAGED

This book is the culmination of about a years worth of articles I did for Classical Guitar Rocks

Begin the lessons here – C shape (Lesson 1)

It sets out the CAGED system basics and then moves into using it on 5 carefully chosen focus sections. It unusually has a ghost score, a bar by bar walk through, of the piece with insights into the CAGED system and the pieces’ harmony.

Free Amazon Kindle version

To celebrate this book release I am currently giving away a digital e-reader copy. Head over to the link below, buy a print on demand version (which is – shipping-any-where-in-the-world-made-easier) and grab the digital copy free as well. Why should I, you ask!?

Well, the digital version is more likely to be updated faster, plus I plan to put real actual music examples into the files, once the cicadas bugger off and hibernate and I can get some peace and quiet here in NZ. Sometime in Autumn all being well!

Grab a copy now! link


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Check out the five free focus CAGED Videos on the below playlist

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