Classical Guitar Magazine: Aguado

Classical Guitar Magazine: Aguado

So here is another article I have written for Classical Guitar Magazine on Dionisio Agaudo’s study no. 16, it features the ever amazing Sergio Assad on the front cover. Along with a whole host of cool articles and inspiring lessons, as per usual.

Classical Guitar Magazine

Due to the wonders of the modern age you get all of that free online with HD video….check out all the goodies below.

For the full lesson and free downloads off CG Magazine site Рclick here

Here is a video of the actual study played on a Paul Fischer 19th century Panormo guitar. This was only possible thanks to maestro John Mills who kindly loaned the guitar to me one afternoon.

Here above is the video with all the background insights and tips.

and finally here is a short video that compares my Michael Gee concert guitar to its elderly Aunt, the Panormo copy. Hear what they sound like side to side.


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