#VILLALOBOS12IN12 Challenge

Learn villa lobos etudes with the #villalobos12in12

Learning the Villa Lobos Etudes

#villalobos12in12 is a community led challenge for all classical guitarists who wish to learn Villa-Lobos’ 12 etudes, in 12 months!

#villalobos12in12 is a community led challenge that aspires to inspire and help get these fantastic pieces up and running. And it all starts here at CGRocks. We are going to cover 1 study a month, beginning January 2019.

We are kicking off the #villalobos12in12 challenge with Etude 1 and progress from there. Hopefully you gain a deeper understanding of these awesome pieces, be able to confidently perform them and improve your technique. ‘Cos that is what’s going to happen. Being able to play all 12 etudes will drastically improve your technique: if you practice mindfully, that is!

#villalobos12in12 content

The content is going to be structured so that you:

  • Get the piece up and running quickly but solidly
  • You fully understand the music and its demands
  • You gain deeper insight into what you should be practicing
  • You supercharge your technique (all of it – apart from tremolo!)
  • You learn to how to play all 12 etudes in a structured manner
  • You have community support

You will need a copy of the music (if you don’t already have it), grab one of the links below for either:

  1. The best villa-lobos etude book from Amazon
  2. The complete villa-lobos guitar book from Amazon
  3. The IMSLP 1928 manuscript. (there are copyright restrictions download only if the country you reside in allows it)

Here is Lesson 1, with an intro and the short cut to learning this Villa Lobos etude!

What about choosing an edition? There are three, which one is the best value for money? Check out this post below for the answer.

Below are links to all the other lessons, each one is colour coded, which matches their YouTube videos.

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