Khazi Concert Series – Napoleon Coste Prelude No. 5 Op. 49

Khazi Concert Series – Napoleon Coste Prelude No. 5 Op. 49

This post heralds a little cheeky series, the Khazi Concert, of footage I have been working on. All based on the premise:


“If it is good enough for Hendrix, it’s good enough for me!”

The Khazi Concert Series

This is a YouTube video that heralds a series from a huge giant of the Romantic period: Napoleon Coste. He was a former student of Fernando Sor and stretched the classical guitar language that little bit further from Sor. As a consequence I am a huge fan, especially when the music is undiscovered – something of a rarity these days.

World Premiere Recording

The world premiere of Opus 49 went out in July 2017. It was a mad rush to get these down onto tape as I was also moving country. Nothing quite like timing! Below is a link to the EP if you wish to buy it, OR…

If you wish the kindle version is out with the music embedded within the scores – see below.


The scores, which have been modernized along with my editorial interference, also include a facsimile of the original publication. It is possible to play some of these pieces two ways as Coste was one of the first 7 string guitarists – way before Steve Vai or George Van Eps. (Who knew!) So Preludes 1 & 3 have two versions, one in Drop D (or seven string guitar) tuning and then one in standard tuning.

The versions below are for that wonderful e-reader – The Kindle. There are versions with TAB for those who wish to read some numbers; Along with an mp3 version. These wonderful miniatures are worth digging into as they are challenging enough and short enough to get a load of enjoyment out of. I know I did!

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