Classical Guitar Rocks & Micro Study Lessons

Classical Guitar Rocks has began a weekly series of micro study lessons that will delve into techniques, challenges and complex concepts for getting the most out your guitar practice sessions. Below is the beginning of a series of new lessons that Rhayn is doing for Classical Guitar Rocks – these are super short and very … Read more

Classical Guitar Magazine: Gnattali

So here is another article I have written for Classical Guitar Magazine, on Etude 5 and Radames Gnattali, it features the hugely talented, and inspirational, Newman & Oltman guitar duo on the front cover. Along with a whole host of cool articles and inspiring lessons, as per usual. Due to the wonders of the modern … Read more

Khazi Concert Series – Napoleon Coste Prelude No. 1 Op. 49

Khasi Concert Rhayn Jooste

This post heralds a little cheeky series, the Khazi Concert, of footage I have been working on. All based on the premise:   “If it is good enough for Hendrix, it’s good enough for me!”   The Khazi Concert Series   This first YouTube video that heralds the series is from a huge giant of … Read more