Napoleon Coste Preludes on Amazon Kindle

This is a quick post to highlight the newest addition to Amazon Kindle library: Napoleon Coste Op. 49 Preludes. Napoleon Coste and his Preludes Napoleon Coste is a relatively underplayed early 20th century classical guitar composer. Why? Well I suspect it’s due to the perceived difficulty of the few pieces that are currently available on … Read more

Khazi Concert Series – Napoleon Coste Prelude No. 1 Op. 49

Khasi Concert Rhayn Jooste

This post heralds a little cheeky series, the Khazi Concert, of footage I have been working on. All based on the premise:   “If it is good enough for Hendrix, it’s good enough for me!”   The Khazi Concert Series   This first YouTube video that heralds the series is from a huge giant of … Read more