Napoleon Coste Preludes on Amazon Kindle

Napoleon Coste Preludes on Amazon Kindle

This is a quick post to highlight the newest addition to Amazon Kindle library: Napoleon Coste Op. 49 Preludes.

Napoleon Coste and his Preludes

Napoleon Coste is a relatively underplayed early 20th century classical guitar composer. Why? Well I suspect it’s due to the perceived difficulty of the few pieces that are currently available on YouTube; and yes they are tough to learn and execute. (The 21st century and Kindle are now here to help.) However that is not the extent of his catalogue. In fact there are loads of pieces that have yet to be brought into the light. Op. 49 is such a case in point. Not convinced try the YouTube videos throughout here, all are Op. 49 Preludes.

These 6 little miniature pieces were first recorded and released by myself, on guitar at least as there are piano versions out there, this year 2017. They are perfectly constructed bits of music that explore a few musical ideas and the romantic language. Some use the entire fret board, others investigate the depths of chordal harmony. All are beautiful to play. They are great beginners pieces, due to being sufficiently challenging, musical and being relatively unknown – until now!


Preludes on Amazon Kindle

I have updated the music and edited it to reflect modern score conventions, however as I also got permission to use the original printed scores it is possible to form your own minds up. All in one score. These are now available to buy and download on Amazon and Kindle. There are two versions, a basic no-frills-just-score version and a no-frills-score version with mp3s. There is a TAB version available in each format for those who want to really see where their fingers go.

Below are the links to these, if you are interested they are available free on their Kindle lending library, so why not delve into some new music.

Rhayn Jooste Amazon Page

The Scores at a Discount

However as I appreciate some folks are “old skool” here is a link to the pdf which you can download right here and print of to read and mark up with pencil at will.

Use the code “xmas” to grab these at 40% off the current price.




If you are interested, and actually made it to the end of this long post, click the link below to see the idea and motivation behind the Khazi concert series and hear Prelude No. 1 by Coste.

Khazi Concert Post

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