New Sheet Music – Coste & Barrios Etude 23

This post is to highlight a new FreshAir sheet music edition of Etude 23 by Napoleon Coste & Agustin Barrios from Rhayn Jooste. It is available here at the shop or on Amazon in Print and for all digital e-readers.

Remarkably, and for the first time ever, two giants of the classical guitar have been brought together in print. A gap of 124 years separates Napoleon Coste’s Etude 23 (Op. 38) from Agustin Barrios’ Estudio de Concierto (Etude No. 23 arrangement), and his 2nd simple guitar part for his students to play along with. The pairing of these fantastic etudes, came about due to Rhayn’s research into his latest Classical Guitar Magazine Method article. Click on the link below to read this for free over at CGMag site. (The video for this lesson can be found below.)

Etude No. 23 Method article

Etude 23 by Coste

Etude No. 23 which derives from Op. 38, his 24 set of advanced studies for guitar, was published sometime in 1880. Coste was a careful teacher and each one of his etudes generally focusses in on a particular technique or idea. In this case No. 23 is all about right hand control, especially of the thumb. This edition utilizes the second print of Coste’s etude, this is the print run that he over saw and edited and corrected himself.

Etude 23 by Barrios

This new FreshAir edition features Barrios amazing 1942 re-arrangement of Coste’s etude, which has never been published before, until now. This edition utilizes his fingerings, taken straight from from the autograpgh copy of the score. Barrios was well acquainted with Coste, he used Coste’s etudes to teach his students, and not only did he provide a challenging arrangement of this piece, but he also composed a 2nd guitar part for his students, this is included in the FreshAir edition below. This 2nd part is only in quavers, and it can be played in duo with Coste’s versions or Barrios’ new arrangement. It also makes for a fantastic backing track to practice along for, which we are giving away free, see below.

Back Cover Blurb

Together these etudes form the basis of a extraordinary technical workout that will challenge even skilled guitarists. There are five scores in this edition, a full copy of Coste’s original etude, from his corrected 2nd print edition of 1880; a modern typeset copy of Barrios’s autograph score, from 1942; Barrios’ student guitar part; and finally two sets of duo  guitar scores: first Coste’s original etude with Barrios’ student part & second Barrios’ version with his student guitar part. This TAB edition is of Barrios and Coste’s original fingering ideas. They are presented in a modern tablature format for all guitarists to enjoy and discover as they intended – no editorial interference.

coste & barrios etude 23 by rhayn jooste

Fresh Edition

This edition has a modern typesetting of the autograph score with Coste’s fingerings. Alongside of which is a modern edition of Barrios’ arrangement, with no editorial interference.

All in all a worthy addition to any guitarists’ shelf as they correct any anomalies that have crept in to current editions.


Get the Dots

There are two ways you can get hold of this new sheet music, first (see link below) through Amazon world wide straight to your digital device. Just change the .com to: .uk , or .de or, .wherever you live, to get it

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Back Tracks For You

And if you are interested, we have two free mp3 backing tracks to give away if you sign up below. These are the midi files of the student guitar part, which you can use in your practice to really nail either Coste or Barrios’ version of this amazing etude.

Back Tracks

  1. Allegretto Speed with clicked intro
  2. Adagio Speed with clicked intro


click the link for a PDF copy of the music with TAB and duo scores

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Coste & Barrios Micro Studies

Above is the video for the micro studies that accompany the article I wrote for Classical Guitar Magazine Summer 2018, click the link below to head over to their site for the article and lesson – all FREE! (Plus a free download of the basic Coste Score)

Method Article Summer 2018 CGmag

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