Classical Guitar Rocks & Micro Study Lessons

Classical Guitar Rocks has began a weekly series of micro study lessons that will delve into techniques, challenges and complex concepts for getting the most out your guitar practice sessions. Below is the beginning of a series of new lessons that Rhayn is doing for Classical Guitar Rocks – these are super short and very … Read more

Classical Guitar Magazine: Gnattali

So here is another article I have written for Classical Guitar Magazine, on Etude 5 and Radames Gnattali, it features the hugely talented, and inspirational, Newman & Oltman guitar duo on the front cover. Along with a whole host of cool articles and inspiring lessons, as per usual. Due to the wonders of the modern … Read more

Classical Guitar Article: Tarrega

Classical Guitar Magazine Fall 2016

The Fall 2016 edition of Classical guitar Magazine has an article written by myself which deals with that amazing piece: Recuerdos de al Alhambra by the father of modern classical guitar Francisco Tarrega. The piece is not about the tremolo technique though, it deals with getting to grips with learning the chords and moving across … Read more

Classical Guitar Magazine Article No. 1: Villa-Lobos

Classical Guitar Magazine Summer 2016

If you haven’t yet got a copy of Classical Guitar magazine no. 382, the Summer 2016 edition, then you wouldn’t know about all the awesome articles and tips contained within it, along with a lesson I contributed on Villa-Lobos’s Etude No. 1. This video below is a companion to that article and shows you how … Read more